engravings and LASER markings

Years of experience in industrial engravings and laser markings

Sata-Kaiverrus is serving wide range of industrial companies, and individual customers in engraving and laser markings.

Company has developed during the years to versatile company which can take care of all sorts of industrial markings. Sata-Kaiverrus has decades of experience of industrial markings. 

Our modern machineries gives an opportunity to make markings and engravings into wide range of materials. All kind of series will be done in short notice and reliable.


Laser marking

Tool markings

  • Device shields
  • Valve tags
  • Cable tags
Markings can be made wide range of materials, and the series could be from one piece to thousands.

Engraved Products

Engraved tags and shields

Device Shields

We can design and manufacture device shields for your use! Also QR codes and other intelligent markings can be added if necessary!

Sata-Kaiverrus Oy

Products and services:

  • Machine plates, Data shields
  • Cable markings / shields
  • Valve tags
  • Tool markings by Laser
  • QR-codes
  • Singnages
  • LASER-markings to metal, plastic, plywood, glass, etc.
  • LASER- cutting (plastic, plywood, leather, thin metal)

Product Gallery / Examples of products


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